16787 US Hwy 84

Engine Run up Stands

 Aviation Engine Run Up Stands are Manufactured Heavy Duty for many years of service. The unit is designed with a swivel front axle and removeable folding style tongue . The enclosure is 5'x6'x7'h with a framed and finished 3/16" Lexan viewing window. A finished padded seat and Aluminum guage board and a steel tread kick plate .  12v interior dome light wired into panel board . The stand has a 20 gallon fuel tank w/ sediment bowl , petcock drain plug , brass fittings , protected 1/4" fuel hose routed to rear ,and DOT vented twist on fuel cap , and an exterior strobe light on top rear and wired into panel board.


Our Engine Run Up Stands are manufactured out of all Grade "A"  steel  and the best quality components  available .

We use Structural Channel on the frame  , Aluminum trim , and finish  all surfaces with Industrial grade primer  and paint.